Wage War Against Ibadan At Your Peril

Wage War Against Ibadan At Your Peril
If you look at the structure of Nigeria today, you will ask yourself; is this what our fathers have been passing through?
Balogun Ogunmola, Ajayi Ogboriefon, Aare omo Latoosa and our forefathers fought so many battles to keep the town we call our home for us. They paid a Supreme price to keep Ibadan Town together.
If you are an Ibadan indigene and you are waging war against Ibadan people, be rest assured you will not see the end of 2021. Go and read my last post. Anytime our ancestors direct me to write a story like this, the result is always sad. Tell your brothers and sisters at home that our town is unique.
Going against the template set up by our forefathers has a price, and the price is death. I am not joking. I don’t know why you politicians have refused to learn. I was on this platform 16 months ago warning you people about the consequences of working against the interest of Ibadanland.
Don’t you see what happened? Many people died not because of a pandemic but our diety, Okebadan killed them. He is at it again. He told me that many people will die if they don’t stop destroying Ibadan city.
I am appealing to our politicians to stop paying miscreants to destroy our land. I was asked to let you know that untimely and strange deaths will befall people who seek to destroy our lands.
Our ancestor asked me to tell our politicians to defend our people like our forefathers who fought many battles to protect and consolidate Ibadanland. Else, many of you agitating to hold a political post in 2023 will not live to see the year 2023.
There will be uprisings in the land; the enemies will bring the war to your doorsteps. Follow your forefather’s steps, be prepared. The leader among you will naturally emerge.
I wish you all the best in the coming weeks, months and years of struggling to protect your land.
Ire ooo.
.Aare Arisekola is the Oracle at Ibadan