UEFA Ranks Bayern Munich Best Club


UEFA Ranks Bayern Munich Best Club

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has ranked German club, Bayern Munich, as the best football club in Europe.

This is contained in 2021 club ranking by UEFA which came ahead of the Champions League Match Day Four fixtures on November 2.

As obtained from the official website of UEFA, in the ranking, which was released on the official website of UEFA, on Tuesday, Bayern Munich tops the chart with 122 points, while Manchester City came second with 115 points.

The England side, Liverpool FC, takes the third position with 111 points, while Chelsea occupies the fourth position with 106 points in the ranking which was done, based on accumulated facts over the last five seasons, including the current campaign.

The top 10 football clubs, according to UEFA, are as follows: 1.Bayern Munich; 2. Manchester City; 3. Liverpool; 4. Chelsea; 5. Barcelona; 6.Paris St Germain; 7. Real Madrid: 8. Juventus; 9. Manchester United; and 10. Atletico Madrid.