Security: We‘ve Streamlined Operations Between Amotekun, Other Agencies in Oyo-Makinde


Security: We‘ve Streamlined Operations Between Amotekun, Other Agencies in Oyo-Makinde

Oyo State governor, ‘Seyi Makinde, has said his administration has been able to strenghten the security architecture of the state by streamlining operations between Amotekun and other security agencies.

He said this at a special Thanksgiving Service to mark the 66th birthday of the presiding Pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, held at the Livingspring Chapel International, Dominion City, Aduloju, Ibadan.

Governor Makinde also disclosed that his government has invested heavily in security more than any of the previous administrations in the state.


He said the present administration is not relenting in the bid to make Amotekun more professional by giving its operatives necessary training.

Makinde, in a statement by his media aode, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, congratulated Pastor Femi Emmanuel on his birthday, saying he has touched many lives positively.

He said: “I thought of leading this message with the Book of Psalm 90:12 where the psalmist implored us to number our days in wisdom.

“It seems to be an appropriate scripture to use since we are here to celebrate a new year added to the life of our friend, father and spiritual leader, Pastor Femi Emmanuel.

“In truth, as we cross each year in our lives, we need to think more about acting in wisdom. When I look at the large turn out of worshippers here, it is a manifestation that our father has been touching lives.”

According to the governor, Pastor Emmanuel prayed for him and supported him during the campaigns, adding that the cleric has affected millions of others souls across the world positively.

Speaking on the state of security in Oyo State, Makinde said Amotekun was established to complement the activities of other security agencies, saying that its impact has been felt in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

“Sometime ago, in this part of Nigeria, we only hear about killings, kidnappings from faraway places. But now, we are experiencing it. Yes, we will do our part, put things in place like we have done here in Oyo State.

“Before the advent of this administration, there was nothing like Amotekun. But we set it up, equipped the outfit and the operatives are all over the place now. People cannot imagine Oyo State without Amotekun.

“Now, we are making the agency more professional, giving its operatives more training. When Amotekun was established, the police thought it came to take over their jobs but we have been able to streamline between Amotekun and other security agencies and they are now working together in unity.

“I want to say it again that no administration, in the history of Oyo State, had committed more resources to the issue of security than this administration.

“We have the emergency contact number, 615. The number is our magic number for security. You don’t need credit on your phone to call it. You can put it on your phone as speed dial.

“You only need to witness somebody or the house close you being attacked before you dial it. If people are coming to complain that they dial the number and there was no prompt response, we will address it.

“But most times, if we ask people if they are aware of the number, they say they thought it won’t work. Please, try it at your own time as well. Just try it for the sake of convincing yourself. The number is working and the people are at alert.

“We also went into voluntary policing arrangement where you don’t have to be a policeman. We have people that have volunteered and we are working with them.

“After we have done all we can, we will hand over everything to God because we are only human,” Governor Makinde declared.

He assured that his administration would continue to work to ensure that lives and property remain safe and secure, adding: “You know we cannot have a perfect system, but we will continue to perfect the system for the benefit of all of us.”