Nigeria @ 61: Greater Nigeria Achievable With Power Of Youths-Akande 


Nigeria @ 61: Greater Nigeria Achievable With Power Of Youths-Akande

Chairman, Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Professor Adeolu Akande, has declared that a greater Nigeria is achievable, harnessing the power of the youths.

He also urged Nigerians, particularly the youths, not to allow the struggles and achievements of the nation’s past heroes, who themselves were in their youthful years at independence, fizzle out.

Akande emphasised that youths and young adults, as the powerhouse of any nation, should renew their belief and confidence in a united Nigeria and therefore channel their energy towards building a more prosperous nation.


The professor of Comparative Politics made the call in a statement to mark the 61st anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence.

The governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari and the people of the state on the historic occasion.

Akande alluded to the story of a country that was born 61 years ago, and, like every other country under colonial rule, got tired and the people wanted, demanded their freedom.

“They wanted to govern their own affairs, afterall, they had civilizations worth boasting of before the advent of these colonial masters.

“So a group of people, mainly young adults, rose up to the call, each standing up as a voice for their own peoples. Each with their unique voices towards one common goal; freedom. They won!

“This historic victory therefore should be sustained in all areas of our national life despite the various socio-economic, political and security challenges we are being confronted with as a country.

“But let me be quick to remind us that this country has also achieved and still achieving a number of strides worth showcasing.

“Among these is the fact that in August 1963, this country held the first-ever world boxing title event on the continent, in July 1966, the first anglophone independent state in Africa to become an associate member of the European Economic Community.

“Since the 1970’s, the country remains the largest oil and gas producer in Africa and 11th in the world, her ever-resilient, resourceful and intelligent people: first African to receive the nobel prize in literature, the first woman to be crowned Miss World, and in recent times, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, who was appointed the Director General of the World Trade Organisation, making her the first woman, and first African to head an international organisation.

“Aren’t we proud as people that the only combined heart and kidney specialist in the world is a Nigerian?!

“If nothing, all these, with the ongoing monumental infrastructural projects under the administration of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari, and the current exploits by the security apparatus in the sphere of crime eradication and control, thereby ensuring that peace returns to the troubled parts of the largest economy in Africa, should restore confidence in all that there is a better future for this country, signposting a chapter in history that will be told to generations to come- that there is indeed strength in unity.

“On a final note, let me liken our dear country to a marriage of several tribes and civilisations and, like any marriage, it has gone through its ups and downs. But one thing remains certain, believing that the partners involved in this marriage continue to strive to make it work, not only would it flourish, but it will become an example to other like-marriages.

“Like any couple who have spent a number of years together would say, 61 years on, forever to go. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria. Happy Independence Day, Oyo state. Happy Independence Day, fellow Nigerians,” the statement read.