Ombugadu Gallant Women, Hope Alive In Nasarawa

Ombugadu Gallant Women, Hope Alive In Nasarawa
Women from Lafia, Akwanga and Karu in Lafia and Awe Local government areas of Nasarawa State protesting against the outcome of the governorship election held in the state on 18 March, 2023.

These are very trying moments for every decent mind in Nasarawa State. Fighting injustices especially, a stolen mandate by the power-that-be has never been an easy task for us in Nasarawa State.

Our mothers, wives and sisters of extra ordinarily values knew this yet, they have decided to take off their wrappers and bras and stage the ongoing nude protests in Lafia, Akwanga and Karu, respectively.

These women, who left the comfort zone of their homes to expose the dirty electoral deals in the 18 March 2023 governorship election in three controversial wards (Tunga, Gayam and Chiroma) of Awe and Lafia local government areas are, indeed, our monumental heroes!

They are, indeed, taking the risk of the All Progressives Congress (APC) cabal, some security agents, the rains and the scorching sun to cry loud for justice for the mandate freely given to Dr David Emmanuel Ombugadu to be recovered and declared.


We saw dozens of these democracy activists protesting half naked, demanding for just one thing: a review of the March 18th results in which Dr Ombugadu won in nine out of the 13 local government areas of Nasarawa State.

Without mincing words, these Amazons want the collation of results in the three wards of Tunga, Gayam and Chiroma re-collated and declared publicly.

All every decent mind need is to support these courageous women of substance. We need to encourage them with prayers, moral words and everything humanly desire.

They are doing what the men and youths have failed to do. These ladies are our great assets!

If you know what it means to get a woman to undress in the midst of men, then getting her to get totally nude before passersby and cameramen tells a whole tale of a century!

This is a strong message both Governor Abdullahi Sule and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should not have allowed to happened in the first place.

Such a protest could incur the wrath of God almighty in terms of both spiritual curses and severe divine consequences on the side of the perpetrators.

I believe INEC is under intense pressure to review the results as declared hastly under duress by Professor Ishaya Tanko.

The international community is also watching this shenanigan, like our local observers are, as well as any descent mind that care about Nasarawa State and its democracy.

There is hope for the recovery of our stolen mandate through INEC review or the court trial will do justice at the tail end.

May God bless our collective struggle!!!

Honourable IPAA, JP, is the spokesperson (South), to Dr David Emmanuel Ombugadu, the PDP candidate in the governorship election held in Nasarawa State on 18 March, 2023.