Sunday Igboho Gives Conditions To Accept FG’s Olive Branch


Sunday Igboho Gives Conditions To Accept FG’s Olive Branch

Yoruba Nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho Oosa), has said he will accept a political solution to his agitation and continued detention, if only the Federal Government would allow him to go to Germany for medical treatment.

Igboho, who has been detained in a prison in Cotonou, the Republic of Benin, since over three months, stated this in a release by his lead counsel, Chief Yomi Alliyu SAN, who said he has the mandate of his client to speak on his behalf.

The Attorney General and Federal Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, had reportedly alluded to the possibility of finding a political solution to the logjam that followed the arrest and detention of Igboho, last August.

Reacting to the new position of the Federal Government, Chief Alliyu said he has the consent of Sunday Igboho to speak on the olive branch offered by the government which he described as a “kite flying strategy”, as reported on 10 November, 2021.

He said, as a first step to accepting the political solution, the Federal Goverment should instruct the government of the Republic of Benin, which he described as a vassal state of Nigeria, to release Igboho and allow him to go on a medical trip to Germany.

Alliyu, in the five-paragraph release, said Igboho is a peace-loving person who is glad that the Federal Government “has allowed reasons to prevail in realising that no force on earth can subdue the mantra of self-determination by an indigenous people, save referendum and/or sense of belonging and fair treatment of all tribes in accordance with the rule of law.”

He further said “the intimidation by imprisonment of our client in foreign land, that is generally regarded as the 37th state of Nigeria, cannot help the situation but respect for the rule of law, as espoused in the N20.5 billion judgment in favour of our client.”

Chief Alliyu said the imprisonment of Sunday Igboho is making him more resolute in seeking self-determination for his Yoruba indigenous tribe.

“Hence as a mark of good faith, Nigeria should start with instructing its “vassal” state to release our client and allow him to embark on his medical trip to Germany.

“Republic of Benin has not been able to charge our client for any criminal offence for the over three months that they hold him illegally in their prison in Cotonou.

“We have his mandate to enter into any binding agreement on his behalf that will also be acceptable to his Oodua Nation Group.

“Our client thanks his supporters, especially members of Ilana Yoruba/Oodua Nation and diaspora, for their support and urge them to continue to be law-abiding and respect the extant laws of the land.”