How I escaped Killer Fulani Herdsmen’s Attack On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway-Oluwole


How I escaped Killer Fulani Herdsmen’s Attack On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway-Oluwole

A powerbike rider, Lawal Oluwole, has disclosed that he was attacked by some criminals suspected to be killer Fulani herdsmen on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Tuesday, last week.

Narrating his ordeal to NEWSCOVEN.NG on Wednesday, Oluwole, an Ibadan, Oyo States-based powerbike merchant who is popularly called LAWEE, said he only managed to escape by the whiskers and through the grace of God.

This was as he debunked the insinuation that there were no killer Fulani herdsmen on the ever-busy road and urged the governors of the six south-western states to be more proactive in tackling the menace.


Oluwole said: “I traveled to Lagos on the 15 February, 2021 around 6:50pm. As usual, I rode down on my motorcycle from Ibadan for personal and business appointments and got to Lagos around 7:50pm.

“At around 3pm, the next day, l left Lagos to return to my base at Ibadan. Unfortunately, however, when I got to the RCCG Camp, my motorcycle developed a mechanical fault. I could not downshift my gear and, by that moment, rain had started falling.

“I called a mechanic in Lagos at 3:20pm. He said I should manage the motorcycle down to Opebi. This I did not wish to do because next place I’ll make a turn is long stretch of kilometres.

“So I decided to manage the motorcycle under the rain to where I could find a truck that would help me to Ibadan. Fortunately for me, I found a truck after the third trial from travelers going to Ibadan.

“After bargaining, the Good Samaritan (the driver) and some very good boys (agberos) helped with the trucking of the bike. But I still dropped some token for the street and the assistance they rendered.

“We hit the journey in the cage (bikers would understand the slang). The driver and I engaged in discussions as we journey. On getting to some few kilometres to Ajebo (I cannot remember the exact location), we saw traffic gridlock.

“Kilonsele ni iwaju yen (what is happening in front of us)?, the driver asked. Next thing we saw were some guys, apparently killer Fulani herdsmen, jumping out of the bush in military camouflage and slippers shooting sporadically, not to the sky, but directly at us and shouting ‘hey hey’.

“We did not hear any language. Looking to my left side, My new friend (the driver) jumped out of the truck. As I was about to jump out, I had issues in opening the door. But I forced it and jumped down and started running and falling down at the same time.

“I was in a state of confussion and helplessness. In the confussion, I stood up again and dived into the divider in the middle of the road which is over 6ft my height. I jumped to the other side crossed the road and ran to a safe place inside the bush at the other side.

“I took cover inside the bush with bruises all over my body, removed riding boot and laid down. I put a call through to my wife to inform her, in case I am not able to come alive of the ugly incidence.

“Thereafter, I posted my experience on my WhatsApp status so that my friends and family members won’t enter into the trap of the marauding criminals.

“While I was in the bush for over 20 minutes, taking cover, motorists were still joining the gridlock, unaware of what happened.

“After for sometime, we came out and saw another truck driver that assisted my driver friend and I to where our vehicle was. A Toyota Corolla car in front of us was empty and so also were some other vehicles and no one could ascertain the whereabout of the passengers.

“This was when we started our vehicle and proceeded on our journey to Ibadan. Thank God I am alive and safe. Fellow travelers, I wish you all safe trips throughout your journey as you ply that route.

“I will like to implore our governors in the South-West, the security agencies and other critical stakeholders to please strive to ensure the safety of lives and property on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.”