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Newscoven.ng is an independent online news medium determined to take a holistic approach to reporting Latest Nigerian Political News Today. Politics permeates the land, affecting all and sundry, irrespective of class, creed and race, thus the commitment of Newscoven.ng.
Politics is fundamental to all facets of life; it is the basis of every policy on socio-economic, and infrastructural development. It is in this regards Newscoven.ng will not relent in ensuring up-to-date, concise coverage of Latest Nigerian Political News Today.
Fate and destiny of a people and the society lies largely in the hands of the political office holders in any society. Hence, the commitment of Newscoven.ng to making the political class accountable through responsible reportage of Latest Nigerian Political News Today.
Holding the political class responsible to the people is one of the fundamental duties of any media organisation in any society. This explains why feeding people with Latest Nigerian Political News Today is thus a key mandate of the politically-savvy of Newscoven.ng.
Newscoven.ng is traditionally baked and cooked with water seeping through the political terrain, believing that politics is true essence of life. Therefore, Latest Nigerian Political News Today is a natural habitat for Newscoven.ng to give a deep insight into political activities.