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We Don’t Endorse Candidates For Elections -CAN

We Don't Endorse Candidates For Elections-CAN Ogbomoso

The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ogbomoso Zone, has declared that the body is not involved in the endorsement of candidates for elective public offices.

It added that it related to all on equal terms and declared however that it recognises good service delivery.

President, Ogbomoso Baptist Conference, Rev (Dr.) Thomas Niyi-Ojo, made the clarification while speaking on recent meetings between the Association and representatives of political parties.

The meeting was held with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and officials of the administration Governor Seyi Makinde.

The government officials included the state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Professor Oyelowo Oyewo SAN, and the Director General of Oyo State Signage Agency (OYSSIA) Hon. Temi Adibi.

Rev Niyi-Ojo said, while CAN recognised and commended the good works and successes recorded in the almost four years of governor Makinde, it cannot endorse any of the candidates for the governorship election, holding tomorrow.

He said whereever an association like CAN sees good works, it usually prays for such works to continue such that the society will benefit.

Rev Niyi-Ojo spoke after a meeting with the Attorney General and OYSSIA boss, held at the Ogbomoso Baptist Conference Event Hall, Ore Merin, Ogbomoso.

The cleric explained that the Christian body in Ogbomoso has never, at anytime, met to endorse any of the candidates.

He added that the gathering was not for endorsement but to pray for the will of God to prevail in the affairs of the state.

He said: “Let me inform you that we recognise the good works of His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, in the last four years and it is our wish that he continues.

“As you are here today, and as we have received and welcomed you, you are free to make known to people your desires or wishes.

“We shall then go out there to encourage our people to go to their various polling units on the election day and vote according to their conscience. And the Lord will grant the desire of everyone according to His will.”

Rev Niyi-Ojo said, while there is a dire need for good governance in the state, none among the governorship candidates is hated.

He assured that the Church will continue to pray for a successful leadership for any candidate who emerges victorious in the contest on Saturday.

“Let me state clearly, again, on behalf of our people here seated that we love all candidates, irrespective of the political office you are contesting for in the coming election, because you are our people.

“We are wishing all of you a glorious success and whoever wins we shall continue to pray for successful leadership.

“The fact remains that there is a dire need for good governance.

“There was a video and report spreading on social media projecting a gathering in Ogbomoso where CAN in Ogbomoso was said to have endorsed or blessed a particular party candidate.

“That video and report were malicious and does not represent the truth. It was a political bullet aiming to damage the reputation of CAN body and assassinate the character and integrity of some particular church heads in Ogbomoso.

“There was no time when the Christian body, in the name of CAN, endorsed any candidate and that there will not be a time when CAN, as a body in whatever way, will endorse any candidate of any political party.

“The Christian body or a leader is free to pray for any political candidate who comes before him or her for prayers. Praying for a candidate at any gathering does not mean endorsement,” he said.

Speaking earlier, during his sermon themed: “The Supremacy of God’s Kingdom”, the cleric said the Kingdom of God is supreme.

He declared that every other kingdom, no matter how popular it may be, must be subjected to God’s kingdom.

He maintained that supremacy of God’s Kingdom must always be acknowledged as greatness, power, glory, splendour, majesty, kingdom, exaltation, wealth, honour, heaven and earth belong to Him.

Rev Niyi-Ojo also charged the gathering to be grateful to God for the purpose of bringing some aspects of his rulership closer to mankind.

He said they should be thankful for the opportunity given to humans to put some people in position of authority to exercise some aspects of rulership.