Angela Folarin: Sudden Flight Of An Amazon


Angela Folarin: Sudden Flight Of An Amazon

I received with rude shock the news of the sudden demise of a woman like mother to me, Barrisster (Mrs) Angela Nwaka Folarin, wife of my principal, Oloye Teslim Kolawole Folarin, the Distinguished Senator representing Oyo Central Senatorial District.

We lost her when we needed her most. If money is what was needed to save her life, we would have provided it. If it is our cry, prayers, appeal or sacrifice that are required to rescue her from death, she would have escaped. Alas, Mrs Angela has gone forever. This is a sad moment to me, my family and friends.

Her death is a collosal loss to the country and Oyo State in particular because Mrs. Folarin was not only an asset of immesurable value, she was a woman of good virtues. She was a perfect example of a strategist.


Whoever had the opportunity of working closely with her will admit that Mrs Folarin Angela was always bubbling with great ideas and was a symbol of courage.

Given her antecedent, she is uniquely important to the political successes and achievements of Distinguished Senator Folarin being an adviser, companion, consultant and the pillar behind her husband. Her death will definitely create a vacuum which is irreplaceable.

Barrister (Mrs) Angela was not just keeping the home front whenever my principal is busy outside performing either legislative functions or oversight functions, she was also such a person endowed with capacity, competency, knowledge and skills needed to excel as wife of a great politician.

As a legal luminary, she will forever be remembered for her vibrancy, activism and dynamism. What late Angela achieved at her unripe age, many of her contemporaries could not lay claim to it in terms of intellectual achievements, financial muscle, political clout and social connection.

She will be greatly missed by the Folarin Political Family for her rhetorical communication skills, sound social relations, good organizational skills and team spirit.

I commiserate with my principal for this irreparable loss and I pray that God grant him and the entire Folarin’s political family the fortitude to bear the loss.This is painful and unimaginable but who are we to query God?

Adieu, Barr. (Mrs) Angela Folarin.


Mogaji Afolabi Ademola Adesina