Awwalu Update: Poor Keke Rider Gifted House, Money, 4 Women

Awwalu Update: Poor Keke Rider, Gifted House, Money, 4 Women
Awwalu Salisu

Awwalu Salisu, the poor Keke Marwa rider who returned N15 million forgotten in his keke last week, has been gifted a house, money and four women for his act of kindness.

He was also given money, big enough to buy a Keke Marwa and an array of 10 women from among who he can choose four to marry.

As gleened from the Facebook wall of a former Editor of the Nigerian Tribune, Alhaji Muda Ganiyu, one Hajiya Mariya gifted the young man a house.

Sarkin Hausawan Chad gave Awwalu a sum of money, enough to buy a new Keke Marwa, and Alhaji Yahaya Singer, gave his family a variety of food that will last them, at least, one year.

Also, an anonymous person was reported to have promised to give Awwalu a scholarship for his Master’s Degree.

Another report has it that the 22-year-old Awwalu will also have the luxury of having four women as wives at once.

It was reported that the Kano Matchmaking Marriage Association (also known as Mai Dalilin Aure) offered the four women to the keke rider.

The matchmaking group stated that 10 women would presented to him among who he will be free to pick the four women he may want to marry.

Speaking on Freedom Radio, Kano, the chairman of the association, Alhaji Mukhtar Inuwa Yakasai, said among the women, two were his daughters.

Yakasai noted that the integrity, honesty and trust displayed by the young man qualified him for the honour.

“The boy has shown the good character of our Noble Prophet, Muhammad (SAW).

“He is indeed trustworthy. That is why we have decided to honour him with these gifts.

“There are 10 women for him to select four. Two of them are my daughters,” Yakasai said.

Awwalu Salisu, had during his usual hustle with the keke he was using to work for another person, picked two Chadians at Badawa who asked him to drop them at Bata area of Sabon Gari, Kano, last week Thursday.

Awwalu did as he was instructed and the two Chadians paid him and they went their way. He also continued his hustle.

He dropped the passengers off at around 11:30 am, not realising that the passengers had forgotten their luggage in his vehicle until he saw a sack at the back of the vehicle.

When Awwalu opened the sack, he saw bales upon bales of cash -Naira and CFA amounting to about N15 million.

He rushed home to his mother and show her the money. The mother directed him to his father. His father told him they had to look for the owners.

So, they went back to Bata and scoured the Sabon Gari Market looking for the two Chadians without success. They returned home.

While listening to the radio two days later, last Saturday, they heard an announcement about the lost money on Arewa Radio, one of the popular radio stations in Kano.

Awwalu called the number Arewa Radio gave. He called more than five times before his call was picked up. He told them he had the money.

The owners said he should tell them where he was so could come and collect their money back.

But Awwalu insisted they remained at the radio station; that he would bring them their money there. And that was exactly what he did.

The most remarkable thing about this story is that Awwalu, as you can guess, is from a poor family.

As a matter of fact, the previous night, the family drank gari for dinner because they had no money to eat anything better and more nutritious.

Awwalu had said then that if he had kept the money, it would be of no use to him and his family because it was not his to begin with.